AUST. CH. GRANGEVIEW MATRIX - Photo at 3 years 11 months.

Grangeview Symphony In Blu - "Wallaby"
 (AM/CAN CH Landondale's Beyond Yankee Blu x CH Grangeview Phantom O The Opera) 
Wins the BEST PUPPY IN SHOW with 263 Puppies Entered.
International Dog Show of Rouen (France)
This was Wallaby's first show.

Grangeview is located on 10 secluded acres located in south east Queensland, Australia.  I share an idealistic lifestyle with my Mastiffs and the native wildlife.

The property was purchased primarily for the sole purpose of the care and well being of my dogs, and their every needs are generously catered for, coupled with plenty of peace and quiet, and room to move.  As Mastiffs are home and people bodies, the dogs all have ready access to me and the air-conditioned house from every exit.

Grangeview Mastiffs is the combination of Mastdav Mastiffs and Grangeview Mastiffs.

Grangeview Mastiffs is totally dedicated to breeding Mastiffs of quality.  I use only the finest bloodlines available in my breeding programs, and I am extremely selective of the stud dogs that we use.  We believe the Mastiff breed should have huge boning, with great width and depth in body, combined with great substance.  Only health tested dogs that are hip and elbow scored, and are of correct structure and conformation with thick heavy body type, large square heads and good solid boning will be considered for our breeding program.  We have well o
ver 20 years experience with this breed, and have many Mastiff friends and contacts worldwide. 

Companion/pet puppies are only very occasionally available to well scrutinized homes only.  All companion/pet puppies are desexed. 





Aust. CH. Grangeview Phantom O The Opera (AI) "Callie" at 2.5 years


Here at Grangeview Mastiffs, we exclusively use, and completely trust APAT to transport our precious Mastiffs. 

We highly recommend APAT for the complete and thorough handling of all travel requirements, local, interstate or overseas.   Their competence, professionalism and personalised attention to detail is beyond reproach.

 To contact Greg McLaren of  Aussie Pet & Animal Travel.
Phone: 07 3200 1732, Mobile: 0438 272 800, Fax: 07 3200 1502     


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